American Tv Survivor – season 31 and 32 filmed in Koh Rong Cambodia


The reality game Survivor, from American TV filmed the next two seasons 31 and 32 in the Cambodia’s island Koh Rong! The show debuted in 2000. As other survivor reality games, protagonists must find food, water and all needs and the last person will remain, will win 1 million $ !!! Survivor has been filmed in March in Koh Rong and having big success with the last season 30 it could be help to increase tourists in Cambodia. The actual season has been filmed in Nicaragua in San Juan del Sur. The new two season also will be showed on Cambodia Tv CTN so is a good opportunity to reach more tourists in Cambodia and Koh Rong. In 2013 also the reality “Koh Lanta” , a French survivor reality where filmed in Koh Rong, but has been canceled after a protagonist Gerald Babin had an heart atatck and died during the episode one. So do you wanna live a survivor experience on Koh Rong Island?! just book with us! Book a bungalow in Koh Rong

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