Sparkly Phosphorescent Plankton lights in Koh Rong Island – Amazing experience

As  maybe you saw on the movie The Beach in Maya Bay, on some island you can see this incredible spetacle! Sparkling Plankton in the water!!!

Yeah, in Koh Rong you can see it!!!

How to see the plankton lights on Koh Rong?!

To see the phosphorescent plankton you just need to go to the darkest side of the beach during the night and go into the water til you are about 1 meter deep.  As the plankton start light up when you  “shake” the water, so swirl the water with your hands and feet! More long you do it more sparkly plankton in the water.

Anyway as you can see on some pictures, if you are lucky you can see it with the sea waves.

If you have with you the snorkeling mask, you also can use it to see underwater and start to swim in spiral. We really suggest to bring with you the mask in Koh Rong to see the plankton during the night but also during the day for snorkeling sites.

Sure this experience will be one of your best experience!

Just to know that the plankton will bite you, you will feel just a little “zap”, so not be afraid, just little bite and will pay you this amazing experience!!!

plankton koh rong 2

koh rong plankton

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